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120 watt LED Street lighting

120 watt LED Street lighting

 120 watt LED street light : Input Voltage of  90-264V AC, 50-60Hz, No DC  
LED Q' ty & Power  120pcs, 120W  
Total Power of 120W LED lights:   140W  
LED's Luminous Flux  12,000lm (Ta=25ºC)  
Color Temperature  Warm/ Pure/ Cool White  
Material of LED street-light shell:  Aluminum and Reinforced Glass  
Life  of high power 120W LED street light: more than 50000 hours

Drawing of LLD120WD 120W LED light for street/road

LED street light high pwower 120W.

Specifcation of high power 120-watt LED street light

LED Maintain Luminous Flux of 120watt LED 10,800lm (Ta=25ºC)
LED Luminous Efficiency of high power LED street lights 90lm/W (Ta=25ºC)
Lamp's Output Ratio/ Efficiency >= 90%
Power Factor(PF) of 120Watt LED street lighting >= 0.99
Color Temperature(CCT) Cool White: 6,000 - 6,500K;
Pure White: 5,000 - 5,500K;
Warm White: 3,000 - 3,500K
Color Index(CRI) Pure White: Ra >= 75; Warm White: Ra >= 80
Beam Angle (50%) Vertical Axis:70º, Horizontal Axis: 150º
Beam Angle (10%) Vertical Axis:120º, Horizontal Axis: 175º
Effective Illuminated Area (H=11m): 33 x 15m
(H=12m): 36 x 17m
(H=13m): 39 x 18m
Center Illumination (E) (H=11m)>=26.65 Lux
(H=12m)>=22.40 Lux
(H=13m)>=19.08 Lux
Edge Illumination (E) (H=11m)>=8.0 Lux
(H=12m)>=6.7 Lux
(H=13m)>=5.7 Lux
Average Illumination (E) (H=12m): 13.24 Lux
Uniformity Coefficient (H=12m): 0.506
IP Rating IP65
Working Temperature -30 to 50 ºC
Working Humidity 10 to 90% RH
Storage Temperature -10 to 50 ºC
Lifespan of 120w high power street LED lighting 50,000hrs life, 3yrs warranty
Light Body & Shade Aluminum and Reinforced Glass
Dimension, Mounting Hole Size 884 x 326 x 109mm, Ф62mm 
Light N.W 12.4 kgs
Packing Manner 1pc/ Carton
Packing Dimension 985 x 380 x 130 mm
Packing G.W of 1 pc of 120-watts LED street lighting 13.6 kgs

Beam Angle of 120 watt high power LED street light

120-watt high power LED street lighting

China manufacturer / factory of high power LED street light- 120 watts