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120W UL listed-LED high bay light

120W UL listed-LED high bay light

Item No: Dimension Voltage Power Power factor LM Color Temperature(K) Life Tiem
FY-G120W-1 200*162mm AC85-265V  120 W >90% 9600 3000K/4500K/6500K 50000 hours


LED high bay light

          1) Use single powerful LED (up to 120W) as high bay light source.
          2) Imported high brightness LED semiconductor chips.
          3) High heat conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color and no ghosting. 
         4) Integrative design for heat sink and housing; The LED is closely connected to the surface. The heat from the LED is removed through the heat dissipation wing and also by air ventilation. This ensures 50,000 hours life-span for the LED. If it works 11-12 hours per day, it can work over 10 years.

·         5) The surface is passed through anodic oxidation treatment. Its structure is compact and beautiful. It can meet the requirement of IP65. It has good capacity like antisepticising, waterproofing, and dust prevention.

·         6) Obvious power-saving efficiency. Use powerful LED light source and high efficiency imported LED driver. Compare with sodium lights, it can save electricity around 60%.

·         7) Environment friendly. Do not have lead, hydrargyrum and any other contamination. No pollution to the air.

·         8) Can present the original color of the objects, it has varies of colors to choose which can meet the requirements in different environments. It eliminates the dullness of environments caused by the lower color temperature, like sodium lamp, or higher color temperature, like mercury lamp. This could satisfy the feeling of those who appreciate the lighting.

·         9) The industrial light is controlled by constant current and constant voltage. Its working voltage (AC85V-265V) can overcome the electrical grid, noise pollution and unstable light caused by ballast. It can also eliminate the glare and fatigue.

·         10) Can be a good decoration light. Its surface is specially treated. The housing can be with different kinds of colors.

·         11) Easier to be installed and to be unloaded; Can be used in different places.