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2105 Flash / Steady Warning Light

 2105 Flash / Steady Warning Light



Rotator Warning Light:High quality halogen bulb is used.adopting wear-resisting rubber whell droved by direct current micro-electric motor,logn life,no dead poing.
LED Warning Light:Adopting imported high bright led tube,which is the popular cold light source in Warning light.Made the design of protecting environment,No hot,service time for more than 100,000 hours.and Save energy.Best Steady Working status.

 Technical Data
Model Voltage Light Power decibel Color Packing Size QTY Weight
LTE2105 DC12V



10W - 35*23.5*40.5 cm 30pcs 8kg
LTD2105 90dB 12kg
Model Explain
LTE-Screw Fixing LTD-Magnetic Fixing



 Light Source
  Bulb Electronic working mode , Flash or steady burn optional , the flash rate is available as per the request of customer .