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24W solar LED street light

solar LED street light 24W

24W solar LED streetlight

BRAND OF LED CHIP:BRIDGELUX imported from America;

 Power of one single LED can reach 20-40W.


1.      Low Brightness Decline Rate

        We do experiments in our factory lab like this; we let our lamps be lighting every day 24h continously. Up to now, they have been lighting for more than 2,2000h and the data shows that the brightness decline rate of our lamps is only about 10%. And another data are from our practical road projects. That road was installed with our lamps in Sep., 2007 and until now, more than 2 years have passed. There is no maintenance in the LED light source except several drivers and the testing result of the brightness decline rate is only about 4%.

  • 2.      Special Design

      our design of solar road lamps, there are two competitive advantages. On one hand, the working time, we design the lamp to work at full power (for example 60W) before midnight, and then after midnight let the lamp work at half power (30W) as there are less people in the street so as to reduce the cost. On the other hand, one very competitive advantage, that is, when the lamp works at half power (usually 60W lamp has 2 LEDs), if with traditional design, there will only be 1 LED lighting and 1 LED off. And the weakness of the traditional design is that ordinary people may question whether the other one LED is broken or not. However, with our design, both LEDs will be on and just the power changes into half. Our engineers get this inspiration from the natural phenomenon solar eclipse and we have the patent of this invention.

  • 3.      Good Illumination

        At the premise of the same power, our lamps will be 10-15% brighter than others, which was the feedback from our users. And this advantage also can help reduce in cost as you can lower the power of the lamp and at the same time the volume of solar panel and battery.














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