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30w LED street bulb

30w LED street bulb

Here is a series of led street bulbs with high quality and low cost,can work more than 50000 hours,hot sale in 2011.

Item No. LED power Lamp Output Flux    ( Tj=70,Ta=25)  LEDs Qua Input Voltage IP Rating Beam Angle LEDs Size Net Weight Color Tempt.
FY-E40 30W 30W 3150LM 1W*30pcs 100-240VAC
IP60 150° Bridgelux Dia105mm* L275mm 1KG 11, 0, 2, 5, 11, 0, 2, 48 Bitmap
warm white(2700-3800K)  /natural white(4000-5000K)/cool white(5500-6700K)




led street bulb




30w LED street bulb

30w LED Street Light Replacement Bulbs

30w LED replacement bulb for street light

30w CE replaceable led street bulb