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5001 LED signal tower

5001 LED signal tower

modular LED signal tower ,suitable for larger machines. Increased visibility at great distances with a modular design.LED Signal tower Series offers the latest in LED technology. Versatile and energy-efficient.
 Technical Data
Model layer Function Light Power Voltage Decibels Color Packing Size QTY Weight
LTA5001 1 T Steady Burn

W Flash

TJ Steady+with buzzer

WJ flash+with buzzer
6W DC12V



85dB - - -
Shape  Wiring diagram

Stack Light’s Mounting Base
FZ-L-1 FZ-L-2 FZ-L-3 FZ-L-4    
 Accessory Spec
  LED Adopting imported high bright led tube,which is the popular cold light source in Warning light,No hot,service time for more than 100,000 hours.and Save energy.
Voice-emitting:I:Intermittent alarm; C:Continual alarm ;
Light Source:T:Steady burn; W:Flash;
Color:Red ; Yellow ; Green; Blue ; White
Light-emitting:5:LED; 2:Bulb; 1:Rotator;