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60W street LED lamp

60W street LED lamp

LED street lights 60 watt high power

LED street lights 60 watt high power is our new series LED street light, it is with high LED's Luminous Flux but cost of this 60W LED light is very low, also our factory can offer you 50000 hours guarantee for our LED street light (30watts, 60watts, 90watts, 120watts.)

Input Voltage of 60watt LED light 90 - 264 V AC or 12V/24V DC
LED Q' ty & Power of 60 watt street light 60pcs, 60W
Total Power of 60W LED 70W
LED's Luminous Flux of street LED light with 60W 6,000lm (Ta=25ºC)
Color Temperature Warm/ Pure/ Cool White
Material Aluminum and Reinforced Glass
Life more than 50000 hours, 3yrs Warranty

Drawing/ Dimension of 60w Street LED light

LED street light 60 watt

LED Maintain Luminous Flux of 60 watt lights 5,400lm (Ta=25ºC)
LED Luminous Efficiency of LLD60WD 90lm/W (Ta=25ºC)
Lamp's Output Ratio/ Efficiency >= 90%
Power Factor(PF) of 60-watt LED street light >= 0.99
Color Temperature(CCT) Cool White: 6,000 - 6,500K;
Pure White: 5,000 - 5,500K;
Warm White: 3,000 - 3,500K
Color Index(CRI) Pure White: Ra >= 75; Warm White: Ra >= 80
Beam Angle (50%) Vertical Axis:67º, Horizontal Axis: 150º
Beam Angle (10%) Vertical Axis:116º, Horizontal Axis: 175º
Effective Illuminated Area of LED street 60watt light (H=7m): 21 x 10m
(H=8m): 24 x 11m
(H=9m): 27 x 13m
Center Illumination (E) (H=7m)>=31.91 Lux
(H=8m)>=24.43 Lux
(H=9m)>=19.31 Lux
Edge Illumination (E) (H=7m)>=9.6 Lux
(H=8m)>=7.3 Lux
(H=9m)>=5.8 Lux
Average Illumination (E) (H=8m): 15.40 Lux
Uniformity Coefficient (H=8m): 0.474
IP Rating IP65
Working Temperature -30 to 50 ºC
Working Humidity 10 to 90% RH
Storage Temperature -10 to 50 ºC
Lifespan of 60 watt LED street lighting 50,000hrs life, 3yrs warranty
Light Body & Shade Aluminum and Reinforced Glass
Dimension, Mounting Hole Size 624 x 326 x 109mm, Ф62mm 
Light N.W of 1 pc of 60 W LED street lights 8.0 kgs
Packing Manner 1pc/ Carton
Packing Dimension 725 x 380 x 130 mm
Packing G.W of 1 pc of 60 watt LED street light 9.2 kgs

beam angle of 60watt high power LED street lighting

60w LED street light