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7.2W LED Light Bulb

7.2W LED Light Bulb

7.2W LED Light Bulb
model:  A6AECWXXAO
category: LED Bulb & Lamp
size:  131*65 mm
Weight: 240 gsm
Life : 30,000 hrs 
Trademark : Faryuan
 Finishing: Aluminum anodized 
 Supplu Voatage: 85-240 V AC 
 Operating Temperature: -20~55 C 
 Beam Angle: 10/20/40/120 deg 
Trademark : Faryuan

LED light bulb Performance
CCT (K)  CRI 70+ / CRI 90+
3000K   480    420
4200k   600    480
6500k   600    480

Feature of LED light Bulbs:
1, Advantages Long Lifetime
2, Environmental Protection, No UV and IR radiation
3, Low Power Consumption
4, Low Heat Emission
5, Low Cost

Application of LED lighting bulb light
Replacement bulbs for traditional halogen lampes where UV or IR radiation is undesirable and some project contractor wholesalers.

Application Areas The LED bulb lamp is the ideal lighting sources for the advertising board, the show board outside the bar and the hotel, the outlook of the wall of building, the lighting project for the resorts, the decoration of stage, home decoration, coffee house, churches etc.

LED Light Bulb